We are looking to add two board positions. See descriptions below.

If interested, please email Dominick DeRosa at .

Position: Vice President

Job Description
Assists the president in carrying out their primary duties and assumes power of the president in their absence. Assures the club adheres to the Bylaws. Review and respond to all complaints submitted by the league, coaches or parents and is the primary focal point for the playing leagues as it pertains to PAD issues.

Soccer Expertise: High
Business Expertise: High
Process Expertise: None
Voting: Full Voting Member

Specific Duties:

  • Assumes all powers of the President in their absence.
  • Must be capable of performing all duties of the president and takes onnecessary tasks as required by workload and priorities.
  • Manages the PAD process within the club and is the interface toexternal disciplinary committees.
  • Makes sure the club adheres to the Bylaws and Rules established withinthe club and oversees the evolution of the by-laws to ensure they areappropriate for the club to accomplish it’s mission.
  • Review and respond to all complaints submitted by the league coachesor parents
  • Participates with the tryouts as a liaison to the club
  • Performs responsibilities as assigned by the President.

Position: Secretary

Job Description:
Manages all official club documents, contracts, agreements, and board meeting minutes and action items. Ensures that the club is both properly managing documents and files all required insurance and usage contracts are up-to-date.

Soccer Expertise: Low
Business Expertise: Medium to Low
Process Expertise: Knowledgeable in Business Process Support Services
Voting: Full Voting Member

Specific Duties:

  • Takes and maintains the minutes of all meetings of the Board ofDirectors. Upon approval of the Board of Directors, these minutesbecome the official record of actions taken by the Board of Directors.
  • Maintains the by-laws, policies and procedures.
  • Handles correspondence not otherwise assigned.
  • Maintains all insurance agreements, is the point of contact for all claimsand ensures all insurance requirements are always up to date andappropriate for the clubs level of business
  • Maintain files of all official club correspondence, generated by anymember of the Board of Directors.
  • Sends out meeting notifications and other official correspondence asassigned.