Why come to our Soccer Camps & Elite Training Programs?

Our staff is amazing!

They push the players to they get the most out of our program.  Our staff has high expectations but they create a fun and challenging environment.

Our staff is outstanding and the quality of the camp reflects their ability to teach the players.  Our staff has consisted of San Jose Earthquake players, former US National Team players, college coaches, former Olympians and Division 1 college players.


Our camp curriculum is the best!

  • 1,000 touches!  Players get 1,000 touches in the first 30 minutes of camp!
  • Fast footwork! Learn ball skills that will dramatically increase your ball control!

Our training sessions represent the cutting edge of player development!

  • Beat an opponent on the dribble. Learn attacking 1 v 1 moves
  • Compete in various 1 v 1, 2 v 1 and 2 v 2 games that are used to isolate specific attacking moves that teach the players when & where to use them effectively.

…all skills that can be practiced at home!

  • All of our exercises are fun and competitive.  …players love them!  That’s why our camps always fill up with nearly 100 players!
  • Various 1 v 1, 2 v 1 and 2 v 2 games are used to isolate specific attacking moves that teach the players when and where to use them effectively.

Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving & Christmas

All of our camps are extremely popular!  Camp spots are first come, first serve so be sure to sign up today!  Please remember camp is twice as fun with a friend.

Blues Striker Academy is a unique training program designed by Camp director, Pat Powers. The curriculum helps to identify and correct many of the ball striking technique problems players have.

We teach the player how to shoot more consistently, how to create better shots for themselves and teammates, and how to read opponents to take advantage of openings to finish. The program can accommodate players of any age and level, as the bulk of the course will be geared toward the individual.

Each player will get opportunities to finish 100’s of shots each day, building muscle memory and a better understanding of how to finish in numerous scenarios.



Spring Break Finishing Camp

Dates: March 26th-29th (Mon-Thu)
Times: 9am – noon
Ages: 8-13
Location: Cokeva Training Facility (Grass), 9000 Foothills Blvd.  (Behind the business buildings)
What to bring: Soccer ball, water, cleats and shin guards, and a light snack.
Cost: $125

This Camp will focus on some of the most used finishing techniques in the game. Through numerous reps, small group coaching and our “building backward” approach to teaching consistency and muscle memory, we are able to maximize growth and understanding in a short time frame. We will cover shooting accuracy, power shots, crossing and finishing, and break-aways. Our focus is “teaching” and we encourage players who are driven to improve to attend our camp. As always, we’ll teach you how to finish, but you have to come up with your own goal celebrations!



Holiday Skills and Combo Play Camps

Thanksgiving “Skills Camp”

Dates: November 20th-22nd
Times: 9am – noon
Ages: 8-13
Location: Cal Fit Rocklin

The camp is designed to build individual players ball mastery. We will focus on 3 parts of the game: ball control and first touch, passing accuracy and varying services, and 1v1 ground moves. Your player should walk away with better ball control, 1v1 moves, and the ability to connect passes in both combo play and aerial service.




Winter “Combination Play” camp

Dates: January 2nd-4th
Times: 9am – noon
Ages: 8-13
Location: Cal Fit Rocklin

It’s the season to be giving. Learn how to work together to break down defenses. Learn how your movement off the ball can stretch defenses and create attacking lanes. Learn how to combine to create dangerous attacks. Your player should walk away with a better understanding of how working in tandem with teammates can create scoring opportunities. Assists make great gifts for the holidays!



Our Summer Striker camps were a great success and filled up almost immediately. Don’t wait to register. We have a limited availability for students. Don’t delay.

**This camp will be held indoors on Turf fields.**