Jr. Blues U8 Academy Program
For 2010/2011 Birth Years

Our “Jr. Blues U8 Academy” provides the best soccer environment for young soccer players.  To introduce you & your player to the world of competitive sports, we offer a professional and experienced staff, a proven curriculum that is fun & challenging and a soccer setting that inspires confidence and tenacity.

Jr. Blues U8 Academy Curriculum:

Our U8 Academy curriculum sets the foundation for development of our youngest players and is the first stage in the building blocks to all of our Blues teams and players in the club.  Our curriculum has developed players who have competed at the highest levels…US National Team, All-Americans and professional players.

Our main goal is to build your player’s “Confidence” and “Love for the Game” through foot skills and small sided games while maintaining a safe, educational and fun environment for the kids to learn and develop in.



Technical Development:

  • Foot skills, (Tiku-Tiku) Dribbling, Passing, Moves, Running with and without the ball.


Tactical Development:

  • We use 1v1, 2v2 and 4 v 4 small-sided games to teach shape and positional awareness while building attacking and defending confidence. All at a very basic level and understanding for the age.


Physical Development:

  • “Motor Skills” and “Fun Relays” are used to encourage and teach directional changes consistent with soccer movement.


Physio-Social Development:

  • Because we use positive encouragement to teach while stressing player development and fun over game day results, the kids are on the right path to developing confidence, skills, a respect for others, a love for the game and playing without being afraid to make mistakes. Don’t forget about all the new friends they will make as well!!!


Season Overview:

The season will be 7 months with a 1-month summer break. This makes our program the perfect introduction for families new to competitive soccer. Also, for those who want the professional training, age appropriate curriculum and “Club Identity & Culture” often missing from other programs you get this with Blues FC.


Season Breakdown:

  • Spring/Summer:  March 1st through June 30th
  • Break: July 1st through July 30th
  • Summer/Fall:  July 31st through October 27th



  • $95.00 Club Registration Fee (One Time Only)
  • $85.00 Monthly Dues (Seven Months) includes 1 Game Day/Training Shirt



  • Spring/Summer-Arranged 4 v 4 Play Days with Other Local Competitive Clubs (As Suggested By The USSF Youth Player Development Guidelines)
  • Season Long Weekly “In-House” 4 v 4 game days
  • Summer/Fall-NorCal Fall League-TBA

“Arranged Play Day Opponents” will include Davis Legacy, San Juan SC, FC Elk Grove and Others…


Training Schedule:                                                                                         

  • Boys & Girls – (Mondays & Fridays)
  • 5:00-6:00pm


Training Day Session Lengths:

  • 60-minute trainings on Mondays.
  • 60-minute 4 v 4 games on Fridays (10 to 15 minute periods with instructional breaks).

*The perfect length for 6 & 7 year olds!



  • Trainings will take place at Blues FC Sierra Gardens Facility
  • Play Days may be held at Sierra Gardens or Blues FC Soccer Complex on Foothill Blvd.