We are continually seeking to improve as a club (including enhancing our facilities), so we are always looking for opportunities to improve the club budget, without asking for more from our members.

One largely untapped avenue of financial support for the club is sponsorships from businesses…your business or other local businesses.

What does the business receive and what are the costs of the Banner Sponsorship Program at Cokeva?

  • Silver Sponsorship
    • 5’ x 10’ Banner = $500
    • additional cost of banner and artwork is approx. $300
  • Gold Sponsorship
    • 5’ x 15’ Banner = $750
    • Additional cost of banner and artwork is approx. $400
  • Platinum Sponsorship
    • 5’ x 20’ Banner = $1,000
    • Additional cost of banner and artwork is approx. $500
      • 60% of any sponsorship is placed into the team account and the remaining 40% goes to the club’s facilities’ account.

The banner is placed in a location you designate at the Blues Soccer Complex (Cokeva).  A couple of quick facts:

  • Blues FC has 600 soccer players, 1200 parents…most are practicing and/or playing at our facility 2-3 times per week.
  • An addition 2,600 soccer players plus parents & family members visit our complex for games each year.

For more details, contact Dave Underhill @ 530.306.4683 or cd.underhill@bluesfc.org

Go Blues!