Proven Soccer Skills Curriculum

The secret to Blues FC’s success is a proven soccer skills curriculum that our highly-credentialed, professional coaches embrace and teach at every age and skill level.

Blues FC was the first club in the area to recognize that player development starts at the youngest age groups. At Blues FC, we start our players on our proven development pathway immediately. Even our youngest players are taught essential ball skills by our professional trainers and coaches.

For our five- and six-year-olds, we teach fundamental foot skills in a fun, playful environment. As the players get older, we build on this foundation, adding in advanced foot skills and, eventually, game play strategy. Our players practice in game-like conditions, which makes games an extension of our training sessions, and leads to success on the field.

This Soccer Skills Curriculum is what sets Blues FC apart from other clubs in the region. Our coaches work with each player as an individual, assuring they are reaching skill benchmarks appropriate for their age. We also provide players tools to develop their skills further on their own, outside of team training.

For a glimpse at the Blues FC blueprint for success, check out the Blues FC Ball Skills Mastery Checklist. This list provides every young player a road map of what we believe to be attainable skills benchmarks at every age, from U8 to U13.

Whether your child plays for Blues FC or not, our highly experienced coaching staff believes these skills provide a foundation that every young soccer player needs in order to progress and develop. This is the foundation that Blues FC players have used on their path to ODP and PDP rosters; State Cup Championships; Division I college teams; US and Mexican National Teams; and even the MLS.