Competitive Program (8-18 year olds)

Competitive Program picWe are the fastest growing club in the area.  Our club was established in just 2010.  We already have alumni who have played and/or are playing for:

  • US Youth National Teams
  • Mexican Youth National Teams
  • Top NCAA Division I schools which include:  UCLA, Stanford, Indiana University, Wake Forest, Sac State, San Diego State, Colorado College, among others
  • The San Jose Earthquakes

Also, in just a few years from our inception, we have:

  • developed our own soccer complex
  • assembled a highly credentialed coaching staff
  • numerous teams ranked in the top 10 in northern CA
  • over 550 soccer players in our club

In addition, our younger players are filling up the ODP and PDP rosters faster than any other club in the area.  Our training curriculum, which has taken years to develop, is the reason for our huge success.

The reason for our player development success? 

Blues FC has a specific player development action plan.

  • For our younger players (12 & under), ensure the fundamental ball skills are mastered so our players have the technical ability to learn the tactical side of the game as they grow older.  Also, provide the instruction & environment so all of our players master the 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2 & 3v3 attacking and defending skills of soccer.  We also offer specific soccer homework for our players.  Our homework program encourages even more ball specific training which helps our players become one with the ball.
  • For our older players (13 & older), continue to practice ball skills and attacking & defending skills but begin to emphasize team tactics and team play.  As our players get older, teach them  more & more tactics and principles of play so our players have a thorough understanding of the game by the time they age out of our club and are ready for the next level.
  • We also have a specific college recruitment program/process in place that ensures each of our players that so desires will have a college soccer home assuming we can find them an academic and soccer match.