About Us

One Club, One Vision… Go Blues!!!

  • One Club. Each club member supports all of our teams, players and families.
  • One Vision. To be Northern California’s premier soccer program.

We believe that it is our goal as a club to assist our players in reaching their soccer goals. For each individual player, this higher level may have a different meaning. For some, it’s as a starter on their high school team, for others it is to be selected to PDP and/or ODP, as players become older it is college soccer, and for the elite players it is the San Jose Earthquakes, the MLS or a Youth National Team.

Getting players to the highest level is a partnership between our elite players and staff. Both must work hand in hand to see our top players become some of the best players in the country.

Mission Statement

MISSION: The Mission of the Blues FC is to enhance the developmental & life experience of all of our youth soccer players through:

  • the creation of a fun, exciting and competitive soccer environment in which our players are challenged to be the best they can be;
  • constantly improving our training curriculum and the education of our coaches to assist our players so they can reach their highest soccer aspirations;
  • an atmosphere that encourages our players to grow into responsible, accountable and exceptional young men and women who eventually want to give back to the next generation of soccer players.

Soccer is an art not a science and the game should be played attractively as well as effectively. Soccer is a game of skill, imagination, creativity and decision making. Coaching should not stifle, but enhance these elements.

Keeping Soccer Affordable

We strive to ensure that the game of competitive soccer is within reach of all the players who want to dedicate themselves to the game. We do everything we can to ensure the cost of competitive soccer is as reasonable as possible.

The financial structure of our club ensures parents only pay for the expenses of their team. Many other clubs have ALL players pay the SAME equal monthly dues but the lower level teams play in mostly local tournaments & local games while the higher level teams are traveling & playing games all over the western region.

We are a Soccer family

When you join Blues, you become part of a team; you become an important part of a club. We positively support all the players, the team and the club. It is our collective responsibility to build team and club pride.

We are all responsible for taking the young athletes of our club and molding them into responsible young adults. Values like hard work, commitment, personal accountability and respect are what the Blues instills into our athletes so they develop into effective leaders both on & off the field.

When all is said and done, players play to have fun, be challenged and to learn to compete. We maintain the joy in the game in our coaching methods, our training program, our interaction with the athletes. It should be fun to play, fun to watch and an enjoyable soccer journey that creates fond memories for both the parents and players.

Serving the Community

We believe in giving back to the community, providing the players a great opportunity to be part of a team sport and build character. We instill in our players the appreciation for the opportunities they have been given and a sense of paying back the community for providing them with educational and recreational opportunities.

We take a lot of pride in supporting the following programs:

  • the Special Olympics
  • CHiPs for Kids
  • Loaves and Fishes

We encourage all our players to get involved in one of these opportunities. We believe in these programs and believe our players should enthusiastically support these programs in order to help them begin a life of giving.