Blues FC – Soccer Club – Competitive, Player Development

Goal Keeper Program

Blues FC has developed a keeper curriculum that is broken down by age group:

  • Ages 8-10 focus on play both in goal and on the field. Learning foot skills is an important part of becoming a good goalie. We develop total soccer players and that philosophy includes the keepers in our club. The curriculum for our youngest keepers includes the basics of diving, catching, and distributing.
  • Ages 11-14. The focus is on the following topics: Shot stopping, covering angles, ball handling, distribution with hands & feet, setting walls, communication, crosses, and diving.
  • Ages 15-18. The focus is on the individual needs of each keeper. The curriculum covers all of the topics that are covered for our intermediate keepers but at a more advanced level.

***Keepers are critical to a successful club. We are proud to announce the Blues Blocker Goalkeeper Scholarship Program. The program was made possible by an anonymous donor. The Goalkeeper Scholarship is awarded to deserving Blues FC keepers***

D.O.C. decides who the scholarships are awarded to each year.